Ventures are action packed Christian holidays for children and young people which happen all over the country. We are involved in three aimed at different age groups.

Quinta (for 8–11s).
This happens during the May half-term at a centre near Oswestry. 55 children from across the north west come together to enjoy loads of activities and learn more about the God who made and loves them. We take several children from St Peter’s each year, as well as several leaders.

Casterton 1 (for 11-14s).
This is a very popular venture which takes place at the start of the summer holidays at a school just outside Kirby Lonsdale. In total about 90 young people go along, and we take as many as want to go from St Peter’s.

Sedbergh (for 14–18s)
This takes in August in Sedbergh!  Most of our young people who go once to these ventures, end up going two, three or even four times – they’re so good!

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