Everybody loves a good wedding, we're no different at St Peter's. We believe marriage is God's design for family life and would be delighted to help you as you think through what's involved, both in terms of the process, the legalities and so forth, and to help you prepare for your new life together. Do contact us for more information, or call Chris on 0151 645 1622.
New parents wanting to give their child the best start in life often think about baptism (also known as Christening). There are two ways to proceed, thanksgiving and baptism.

A thanksgiving is an opportunity to thank God for the gift of your child/ren. During the thanksgiving there is also an opportunity to name your child/ren publicly and for your supporters and yourself to ask for God’s blessing and help as you seek to fulfill the role he has called you to as parent/s.
Baptism is the outward sign of belonging to God's family on the basis of your faith as parents / godparents. During the service you are called to declare your faith and make solemn promises to God and the church. Because of this, we want to do right by you by taking the time to explain what's involved. We do this over a number of informal sessions together. As baptism is a mark of belonging to the church, if you're not already a regular member, we do ask you to join us, so come along and check us out! We’d love to see you. The congregation is warm and welcoming, the services informal, with crèche facilities and childrens' work.

It is possible to have a thanksgiving first as you think through what's involved in baptism, indeed this is often a helpful way forward. Both baptisms and
thanksgivings take place during the monthly family service. For further information click to download our introductory leaflet or call Chris on 0151 645 1622.