Showing: We want to be active in meeting the practical needs of people in Rock Ferry. We aim to help our church members to do this where they live or work. As a church we offer help through church activities, such as Toddler Group, Stepping Stones, Food Aid and Thursday at 2. We are also supporters of Ferries Family Groups, a separate organisation offering support to families in Rock Ferry, New Ferry, Bebington and Bromborough.

Growing: We want to grow in numbers, with more people enjoying the good news of Jesus Christ and the church family that He creates. Our aim is to be growing in maturity and mission. We believe that growth comes as God works by his Spirit, as we understand and live by the Bible. We provide opportunities for friends and neighbours to hear what we believe about Jesus Christ and run regular informal courses in which people can explore the Christian faith for themselves.

Planting: We want to see new church communities growing in our area. Over the past two years with have been working with St Paul’s, Tranmere and other local churches to help start a new meeting in the hall at St Paul’s. Now we are looking to find other ways we can encourage new congregations of Christians in our area.

Partnering: The gospel is growing across the world. We are aiming to develop our partnership with churches in other countries, especially in Chile Malawi and Battersea, London. We partner with them in prayer, in financial support, in our concern for each other, in the exchange of ideas, in encouragement. We are also partners with Open Door, a congregation at St Paul’s in Tranmere.